Zestagen Healthcare

Under Patent Pharma Products

We are open for contract manufacturing and Product exclusivity of Under Patent Products.

We can able to provide these products for the Least Developed Countries (Patent free countries) as we have Manufacturing set up in Bangladesh with all the regulatory approvals and ready Registration Dossier of all the blockbuster patented products.

1. Semaglutide 3,7 & 14 mg Tablet
2. Pidotimod 400 & 800 mg Tablet
3. Dotinurad 1 & 2 mg Tablet
4. Finerenone 10 mg Tablet
5. Bexagliflozin tablet
6. Omarigliptin tablet
7. Canagliflozin tablet
8. Mirogabalin tablet

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization?

A pharma CMO is a special kind of an organization, offering contract manufacturing services to pharmaceutical companies for various kinds of drug formulation.

Why should you do pharmaceutical contract manufacturing ?

Reduce overall costs and time to market :
Contract manufacturers already have the needed infrastructure and technical staff, so working with a CMO or CDMO can decrease the cost of manufacturing your pharmaceutical products.

Scalability and flexible production capacity :
You can produce what you need when you need it without worrying about excess capacity. Additionally, CMOs understand the importance of quality and compliance, so you don’t have to sacrifice safety for scalability.

Save on upgrading and maintaining equipment :
If you have your manufacturing facility, you’ll have to pay to upgrade your equipment as technology advances—which can get expensive. A CMO/CDMO’s only function is to make and distribute products, so part of their core business responsibility is to update their equipment whenever needed and perform maintenance.

Ease supply chain issues :
During the pandemic, there were several instances of supply chain issues, including medicine shortages. CMOs are generally better equipped than startups to handle a supply chain crisis.

Bandwidth to focus on core competencies:
When your company resources aren’t directly allocated to manufacturing and distribution, you have more time to focus on other tasks, like marketing your new drug, researching, or working on drug discovery.

What are the manufacturing site approvals you have?

We have 6+ manufacturing sites with a minimum of WHO GMP certification and other country-specific approvals like NAFDAC approved, PPK Kenya Approved, TFDA Tanzania Approved, EU-GMP Approved, PICS Approved.

What is your manufacturing Capacity for each dosage forms?

We have below manufacturing capacity :
For Tablet, Capsule, and soft gel: up to 1 million units per shift
For Syrup: up to 0.05 Million per shift
For Ampoule and Vial: up to 0.1 million units per shift
For Ointment and Cream: up to 0.1 million units per shift
For Suppository: 0.1 Million units per shift